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Welcome to the Horrors of Liander Castle. This is a browser-based game that combines solving mind-boggling puzzles with storytelling. It is kind of like a digital version of an escape room, except there’s no time limit and you can leave and return any time you want. The levels will get progressively harder and will (hopefully) keep you busy for hours! Feel free to play alone or with friends.

Each puzzle consists of an image, clues and flavor text. To solve the riddle, use the image and clues that are given. The flavor text is just there to tell a story (add some 'flavor' to the puzzles) and will never hold any clues. To add even more flavor, you could turn on some music!

This game is best played on a laptop or a desktop. Smaller screens like mobile phones will be too small to see all the details needed to solve the puzzle. Also make sure your brightness is set to maximum. Liander Castle can be a dark place!

The first five levels are tutorials that will guide you through all the basics. After the tutorials, the real challenge begins...